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Ellen Verkerke

Ellen Verkerke

Ellen Verkerke graduated from Jay Scherer’s Natural Healing Academy in 1988 and brings 31 years of dedication to the field of massage. She believes in massage as healthcare, incorporating Neuromuscular Therapy with Swedish Massage, Trager, Acupoints, Cranial Sacral Therapy and energy medicine techniques to customize each treatment she gives. She likes to combine direct deep muscle work with indirect or more subtle work for overall integration and relaxation. Milton Trager, one of Ellen’s early instructors, made a lasting impression on her work, teaching her that it is by love, not force, that change occurs; it’s about giving the body options for change. Ellen says, “I am constantly talking to the tissue with my hands about that.”

Ellen also practices Manual Lymph Drainage (Dr. Vodder style), a specific treatment that works with the lymphatic system for overall detoxification and boosting the immune system. MLD is great for those with allergies, chronic fatigue, and any chronic illnesses or edema issues. It is lighter yet very powerful work. This treatment is extremely relaxing and, with few exceptions, is beneficial for everyone whether or not they have a health condition.

In addition to practicing massage therapy, Ellen has served as a medical advocate for those living with illness, has put in many hours with the elder population, and has worked hand-in-hand with local hospice groups.

Currently Ellen is passionate about her Qigong studies (Qigong is a Chinese movement art for healing self and others) and teaches Qigong in Santa Fe.

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