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Jonathan Lippman

Jonathan has been diligently practicing the healing arts for over 10 years. Graduating from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 2015, he was trained early on in an naturopathic approach and in biodynamic principles. Some these foundational principles include; that the body has its own innate intelligence and healing wisdom, and that our job as practitioners or facilitators is to hold space for a process of health that is already taking place within the body.

Jonathan has had extensive training for the past 10 years in Polarity therapy, Reflexology, and Visceral and Cranial Osteopathy. A session with Jonathan might look like an incorporation of Osteopathic knowledge of structural and mechanical principles with fascial tissue work and to create fluid whole body system integrative sessions. He strives in balancing the mechanics of the bones and long levers of the body with the fluid-tide of the system to create multi level whole body integrations.

Jonathan has additionally spent the past 3 years studying with Dr. Gabor Mate. Within the held container of working with the body, Jonathan can also brings in a somatic focus, speaking to the body where there might be held thoughts thoughts, emotions, beliefs, as a way of helping the client and come back into presence to be with what is really there. This helps the client create space from beliefs and stories and re-enter the flow of life and to the health that is already there. As Gabor often says, “It all goes down in the mind.”

Jonathan is also a certified teacher in the Lotus Nei Gong school of internal arts under the tutelage of Damo Mitchell. His sessions are deeply informed by the mechanics and energetics developed from his 10 years of study of cultivation practices in the internal arts.

In his free time Jonathan enjoy’s hiking and being in nature, talking to plants and making natural fibers such as leather and tanning sheep hides.

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