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Kyle Taylor

Kyle Taylor

Kyle Taylor graduated from massage school in 2019 from the Santa Fe School of Massage, otherwise known as The Scherer Institute.  Kyle was inspired to pursue a career in massage because of his fascination about life, the body, and the process of healing.

Wanting to continue his education in the field of bodywork he attended a structural integration program in 2020 and graduated in May of 2021 from UNM Taos taught by David Davis, Jill Gerber, Peter Ehlers, and Kirstie Sagarra

Kyle works with an intuitive sense that is supported by an understanding of anatomy and relationships within the body. His massage can range from smooth relaxing Swedish Massage to a Therapeutic/Deep tissue treatment that can address specific issues to more global areas of tension that but strain through the body.

Structural Integration has inspired his work to develop a richer understanding of anatomy and study multiple techniques. This allows for a varied approach to help achieve the client’s goals. Structural Integration can help clients achieve a more balanced posture. By having a balanced posture this can help in having greater ease and adaptability in day-to-day living. The work involves manipulating fascia and connective tissues. This method can help to resolve the patterns and behaviors that lead to various conditions and ailments in our lives.  Whereas most body work can provide relief for a period of time Structural Integration can help to provide greater change in the body.

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