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Salik Kramer

Salik Kramer

Salik offers treatments that bring his clients into the deeper realms of consciousness in which stress and trauma can be repatterned. He cultivates a field of listening presence through tonal match of both the individual energetics of the body and nervous system as well as the fluid texture of its tissues. As the mind drops away, the body comes forward. The result is a return to the moment, a little rebirth that gives each person a sense of life’s newness in a small way.

Salik began his bodywork journey at the Esalen Institute in 2015, where he studied Spiritual Massage with Seema Christie and Integrative Bodywork with Tom Myers. The former impressed upon him the value of presence and intention, while the latter provided him with a firm foundation in palpating and communicating with the Three Holistic Systems: fascial, fluid, and nervous. In 2016, he completed his training in massage therapy at the Santa Fe School of Massage, and from 2018-19, he studied craniosacral therapy with master therapist and teacher Etienne Peirsman, receiving a diploma in the field and assisting with classes in the following two years. He studied Visceral Mobilization in 2022 and added Manual Lymph drainage to his repertoire in 2024.

Salik has been a practitioner of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan since 2012, studying under Arthur (Xinshang) Du. His style of movement and force transmission is directly informed by this practice. He is also an initiate in the Sufi Ruhaniat International since 2015, from which comes his name, which means “path”. In his spare time, he likes to garden, cook, and play Zimbabwean marimba and guitar.

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